Computervision Techcompany Cavea teams up with Tricked Esports to deliver its AI-based sponsorship analytics platform.

Copenhagen, Denmark – 17th of February 2021- Cavea announces that they will be supplying Tricked Esports with their AI-based sponsorship analytics platform, enabling them to take their mission of growing and professionalizing esports to the next level.

Tricked Esports will join a roster of household names such as Fnatic, Astralis, DreamHack, and many more that are already using the platform

“We are beyond excited to be supporting Tricked Esports by providing a platform that helps Tricked Esports with sales, account management, and talent management through data-driven decision making. Our shared mission of bringing esports to the next level makes us natural partners, and we are looking forward to what we can achieve together.”

-Mircea Gabriel Eftemie, Co-founder & CEO, Cavea

“When I had my first talks with Mircea about Cavea back in the middle of 2018, I knew that this was a tool that Tricked had to use at one point.

We did not feel like we had the size or data to start back then, but two years later with millions of impressions and our influence steadily growing, we just needed help to understand our own data better. 

By using Cavea we have a perfect picture and understanding of our own data, and we have reduced the manpower involved by adding this program to our workflow. “

-Morten Høj Jensen, CEO, Tricked Esports

About Cavea:

Cavea is a Danish tech company servicing the growing demands of the esports market. Cavea is on a mission to help define the true value and worth of esports organisations and to standardise media valuation for both brands and esports entities by providing an AI-powered 360° solution, calculating media valuation and combining automated content tracking across social media and streaming, with granular audience insights and game dependent metrics.

About Tricked Esports:

Tricked Esports is an esports organization established in 2012 with the vision to break down the barriers around competitive gaming to make their future of passion and pure entertainment available to anyone.

Tricked is heavily involved in developing the next step for esports, nurturing the skills of upcoming players through their work in the education sector, notably establishing one of the World’s first comprehensive esports learning programs in their home country of Denmark, Tricked is also one of the first esports teams that have incorporated an educational plan onto their esports program so they work together with the Educational institutions in Denmark rather than working against them. Tricked Esports has more than 300 esports students in Denmark today.