The Power of AI. That’s what.

Our media valuation tool uses the power of AI to identify brands and sponsors that appear during streaming events, with our valuation algorithms functioning on game dependent parameters.  While that might sound a bit like black magic, it is just very sophisticated, or complicated, math.

It works on the same principle as most of the “fun” AI applications on the internet such as Imgflips AI-Meme Generator. The generator uses a deep artificial neural network to create captions on a variety of meme formats.

It is not a genius alien intelligence or a magic box that just creates the captions, but instead, a model that was trained by giving it a lot of input (Memes) to create an output (more Memes). In the case of the AI Meme Generator, the network was fed with over 100 000 memes from 48 different templates.

And while creating memes, and recognizing brands in streams seem like two completely different problems, they’re not. The features and elements based on which a Neural Network detects logos or creates memes, do not correlate to the same thought process in humans. So while cognitively to us humans it is a different task, it is not really to the computer.

from Imgflip Meme Generator

What we are trying to say:
AI is magic. And we have learned to harness its power for profit. 

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