Copenhagen, Denmark -19.04.2021-

Founded by Markus “pronax” Wallensten and entrepreneur Tomas Oropesa Martin, Godsent has from the beginning been built with both the esports and commercial perspective in mind. With their new signed Brazilian Project, Godsent is taking the next step to building a lasting legacy in CS:GO; and with employing the help of Caveas AI-powered media valuation, sponsorship accountability, and social media tracking platform, they are doing the same for the commercial leg of their operations.

We are excited to be delivering GODSENT, our Swedish neighbours, in depth insights about their very dedicated audience, and help them further with sponsorship accountability, and social media tracking.”

-Mircea Gabriel Eftemie, Co-founder & CEO, Cavea

Understanding the digital footprint of our brand and the exposure of our partners is an integral part of our operation and therefore Cavea will be of great utility in developing our marketing products. I am much looking forward to collaborating with Cavea as we grow towards becoming a true tier-one organization.

– Ludwig Sandgren, CEO , Godsent

About Cavea

Cavea is a Danish tech company servicing the growing demands of the esports market. Cavea is on a mission to help define the true value and worth of esports organizations and to standardize media valuation for both brands and esports entities by providing an AI-powered 360° solution, calculating media valuation, and combining automated content tracking across social media and streaming, with granular audience insights and game dependent metrics.


GODSENT is a world-class esports and gaming organization that competes in many of the world’s biggest titles. Alongside and in relation to competition, they strive to be an edgy and unique entertainment brand pushing the edges of imagination in gaming.