Computervision Techcompany Cavea is becoming the solution of choice for Esports Teams Sinners and Tundra

Copenhagen, Denmark -22.04.2021-

Sinners Esport and Tundra Esports will be going forward using Caveas AI-powered tool for sponsorship accountability and analytics.

Tundra Esports was founded in 2019 and has managed to onboard partners such as TikTok right from
the beginning. With FIFA talents from all over the world, Tundra headquartered in London has managed to become a truly international organization from the get-go. After their success in FIFA, Tundra Esports has continued its trajectory by expanding into DOTA 2. With a focus on player as well as commercial excellence from the start, investing in a sponsorship analytics tool was a logical next step for Tundra, who found in Cavea the perfect partner, that helped to
tailor a solution meeting their needs.

Here at Tundra, we are excited to partner with Cavea to improve the understanding of our performance and growth through data. Transparency in data has not traditionally been the strong suit of esports organizations so by partnering with Cavea, we will be able to manage our growth more strategically and proudly stand behind the data that we provide to our current and future partners. We are a young but a very fast-growing organization, so this is
something that we needed to get right from the get-go.

Tomi Tikkala, Head Of Business Development, Tundra Esports

As the first professional esports team with a focus on the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Sinners is committed to building a legacy for the region, and a global impact. With their mindest focused on enabling their players and talent to perform at their peak, an AI-powered analytics tool will support the organization in achieving commercial excellence
through social media tracking and sponsorship analytics.

We are very excited to work with Cavea and gain more insights into our socials and sponsorship performance. The in-depth reporting not only provides us with a better understanding of our own analytics but also delivers detailed
insights for our sponsors.

Max Euler, GeneralManager,Sinners

Both Tundra Esports and Sinners Esports are organizations with huge potential. We are happy that we are able to support them in their growth and accelerate their trajectory with quality data.

Mircea GabrielEftemie,Co-founder & CEO,