We are releasing stream tracking for Trovo as an open beta.

In a continuous effort to bring more value to our customers and expand our offering to all relevant streaming platforms, we have added Tencent’s newest venture into live streaming platforms to our offering. We can now offer AI media valuation and sponsorship tracking for Streams on Trovo.

With Trovo’s unique focus on streaming mobile games, it opens up opportunities for a whole new set of content creators. With the mobile gaming industry recording 12% more players in 2020 than in 2019, with over 2.5 billion players and a total turnover of more than $77.2B it has become one of the major driving factors and trends in the gaming and esports industry. Trovo has employed a program from the beginning on to draw in content creators and build up a solid user base, and with their unique focus on mobile gaming, they present a unique offering.

If your organization has Trovo content creators, is looking at adding them to your roster or you have any other questions, don´t hesitate to contact your account manager, mail us at [email protected], or sign up here: