With the addition of new features and our customer’s feedback, we have overhauled and improved how you can run campaigns in Cavea. We divided campaigns up into three campaign types to simplify the process for everyone involved.

Three Types of campaigns

Tournament Campaigns

The most significant exposure and visibility your team gets are during broadcasts of tournaments or the league you are part of. Through tournament campaigns, you can track the brand value created by your team. Use this campaign type for AI-brand and logo detection on non-owned channels. That way, you can determine the media value created for brands of, for example, jersey logos and objects.

You will also be able to find the AI brand detection in the campaign tab rather than in the brand tab. The created brand value, of course, is added to the overall brand value. This way, you can quickly determine how the placement of Logos in each particular tournament environment influences the overall brand value.

To set it up, choose Tournament under Campaigns in the Add New tab, give the campaign a name and add all the channels you want to track. This way, you can track all the Streams of that particular event in one spot. This includes Stream on different platforms or in other languages. Set the time frame to either always on or to specified times when your team is playing to reduce the amount of AI detection hours you are using.

Streaming Campaigns

Streaming campaigns is your one-stop solution to all campaigns involving your content creators, streamers, players and owned accounts.

In Streaming campaigns, you can combine the redirector, keyword tracking and stream overlay into one campaign, allowing you to measure the performance across all platforms in one spot.

It is the ideal solution if you run large campaigns with many creators, allowing for total control and almost instant results.

Use the stream overlay to create overlays for streams, controlling the placement, duration and frequency of the ad shown. The simple and intuitive interface works per drag and drop.
Afterwards, share a simple link with the streamers and creators, which they can then integrate into their stream OBS.

The results will appear almost instantly in the campaign and offer a quick, accurate and effective alternative to AI detection.

Use the keyword tool to track the performance of keywords, mentions and specific hashtags on social media channels.

Redirector Campaigns

Use the redirector campaigns to track, share and document traffic and clicks for sponsors using our move.gg link shortener.

Copy the link you want to track and change the end of the Generated URL to something that works for you. You can add a meta title or description, but the websites version will be added automatically. In the campaigns, you can see the number of clicks and the breakdown of locations. This can be used as part of the streaming campaigns or by itself.

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