We are thrilled to announce that the Danish Chamber of Commerce has invited us to join a networking group of leading esports organisations in Denmark and we are happy to see ourselves among some of the frontrunners in our industry. Esport has grown to a billion-dollar industry worldwide, and Denmark is well in the driver’s seat. Esport is a new industry in growth, where there is a need for a meeting point for the coordination of esports’ business-oriented and political agendas.

The purpose of the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s network for sports companies is, among other things, to create an understanding and recognition of esports as a growth market that creates exports and jobs for Denmark.

Jasmina Pless, Head of Entrepreneurship Policy at the Danish Chamber of Commerce, is part of the network’s steering group.

“In the Danish Chamber of Commerce, we believe that there is a need for a strengthened common voice for sports companies. Abroad, the growth of the sports market is accelerating and it is important that we maintain Denmark’s position at the forefront. With the esports network, we must, among other things, talk about the industry’s potential for creating value for Denmark and make it clear that esports can help put Denmark on the world map, “

Jasmina Pless

The network is for growth companies, where esport is a part of the company’s core business. The Danish Chamber of Commerce’s network for esports must ensure that the esports companies can come together and set the direction for the industry.

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